A Q&A With Fritha Quinn

We are very lucky to have an exciting new Q&A on the fab Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn. Fritha lives and works in Bristol which is our own homeland. We absolutely love meeting and collaborating with people from here it both excites us and makes us extremely happy.

Fritha is a Bristol based blogger who moved here 7 years ago with her boyfriend threw caution to the wind and bought a rundown house deciding to do it up with little more than their savings. Since then she has given birth to a little boy and girl who we have grown to know and love through Instagram.

Fritha spends her time blogging about life, fashion, travel, interiors and lots more! One topic Fritha is very passionate about is veganism and general healthy eating. She try’s to lead mainly a vegan lifestyle and through her Instagram has given us plenty of new and exciting vegetarian recipes or simply new places to try for food.

We also have a bit of a style crush on Fritha…  Her look is quirky, fun and colourful and she likes to mix vintage with high street and always looks so effortlessly cool.  Her style is quite feminine, she likes to wear dresses with cardigans, dungarees with pretty tops and loves colour and floral patterns.

Her beautiful blog is definitely one to check out and the lovely Fritha is definitely one to follow we think she is ace and love what she stands for and believes in!

Tigerlilly Quin is a multi award winning blog and we absolutely love reading it!

Fritha & Family

What were you doing before?

I have a degree in graphic design, from there i worked in a couple of admin jobs until my pregnancy at 25 and since then my blog has been my job!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everyday life, Instagram, reading books, playing with my kids or travelling.

Where do you live with your family and tell us a little bit about your set up?

I live in Easton in Bristol although we are actually selling our family home this week! We’re not sure where our next base will be as both myself and my husband now work on the blog full time. I love Bristol and it will be hard to leave but we will see!

How do you find being a working mother?

There was a point about a year ago when I’m pretty sure I was on route
for a nervous breakdown ha! I had no childcare at the time for my then
one year old and doing the school run also meant I was limited to
travel (I need to be in London about once a fortnight). My husband
quit his job at this point and since then the juggle has become a lot
easier. I’m really proud of what I achieved in the last 5 years on my
own though!

What is the hardest thing you’ve found about being a mother?

Not feeling guilty. Even though we have a good balance with both of us
at home I feel guilty for working when they are around or for being on
my phone. We had a reward chart once with my son and I said he could
chose things for us to work on as well as his goal (eating more of his
dinner) he said I should be on my phone less, major mum guilt! Now he
is in school though I typically don’t work after 3 and have the rest
of the day to focus on them.

Rainy days

How would you describe your own style?

I love Naomi from @lovetaza ’s style. My new IG crush is Sarawaiste though, I love anyone who knows what their style is and clearly feels
comfortable in their own skin

Who’s your style icon?

 (Whoops did this the wrong way round!) I’d say my style is a bit
quirky, a bit vintage and a bit colourful

What is your guilty pleasure?

Musicals, I love them

When are you happiest?

When I’m with my family

Mummy time
What’s next for Fritha?

I’d love to launch a clothing line at some
point, I love fashion so it seems like a good step but I don’t know
when that might be, maybe when both kids are in school

What has been your proudest moment so far?

Speaking at the Marie Claire event amongst some amazing women was a
real highlight, also holding my first ‘meet & greet’ with Google. I’m
terrible for not appreciating moments when they’ve happened though,
I’m always looking for the next big thing!and finally….. What is your favourite piece from Hip Little People?

I think probably this Tiny Cottons swimsuit, I love that brand so


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