Park Life featuring Gardner and the Gang

So last week we saw the first glimmer of Spring a gorgeous sunny day, I got particularly excited and traded in my winter staple a Carhartt parka coat for a little lighter denim jacket although I did still keep my scarf close but it was never the less still very liberating to feel some sunshine on my face.  So with the sun out we decided to take the opportunity to take the little monkeys out for some park life time! Luckily right behind where Lucy lives there is a great park where Zak and Stevie love to hang out and cause general chaos!

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Generally nothing goes smoothly on a day when Lucy and I get together to “try” do some work with the kids.  Zak is vastly approaching the terrible twos and has become like an excitable Labrador puppy who needs to be let out to run every hour or so otherwise he goes into meltdown/ little tear away mode and before you’ve even had a chance to move he’ll have clonked little Stevie on the head made her cry whilst she was quietly watching the much loved by kids and adults (for very different reasons) Peppa Pig! Or role reversible happens and little Stevie decides she has just about had enough of being at home with Zak,  mummy and Kelly working and has a slightly louder but more contained meltdown/tantrum, legs kicking arms flying and a lot of shouting! General chaos!  and of course their nap times are never in sink, I mean that would be far too easy for us. So thank god for Peppa Pig and of course who can forget George who’s name Zak will insist on saying all day every day.  Whoever invented her has our eternal gratitude but our other saving grace is the much loved  park, hey love it! So even if it’s freezing cold or wet, there  almost always comes a point when we think “park time” or “time to get them out 😉  So last week dressed in their Gardner and the Gang outfits we killed two birds with one stone work time and playtime! X Bring on the summer sunshine ☀️☀️

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Gardner and The Gang has to be one of our new favourite brands that we have discovered.  Founded by Kristen Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore,  Kristen draws  her prints and makes characters that all have a great story to tell.  All her original art is hand drawn which is printed onto organic cotton.

Kristen takes her inspiration from her experiences from living and travelling all over the world.  Her S/S 2016 collection which we now have in our online store is called a land of no difference which is about a pony called pete who loves scuba diving and Gertrude the Giraffe who is very cool with a long neck.  This is the story of unlikely friendships being formed, about being openminded, stand out from the background and about accepting each other for who we are.

We love her bold graphics and  playful and creative approach to design and our little people adore the characters and love wearing these clothes.

Below are some lovely photos taken by one of our favourite Instagramers Katja Adores.  We love her little boy Luca in our Gardner and the Gang GG print tee and leggings.  Check out her Instagram account of her life and little people!

Here pics by KATJA_ADORES


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