A Q&A With Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka

We are super excited to introduce you to Anna Whitehouse, the brains and charisma behind Motherpukka – the online ‘portal for news, events, reviews and honest comments for people who happen to be parents.’  We cannot recommend this site enough its entertaining, informative and most importantly it captures what its like to be a parent without patronising or making assumptions, it simply hits home.

HLP: Anna can you tell us a bit about why you started motherpukka?

Just felt there was more fun to be had with motherhood. What glued me together with my best mama mates wasn’t ‘how to puree a carrot’ and the ‘top five breastpumps’, it was more ‘God, I dropped my iPhone on my baby online shopping’. It was laughing through the madness that made everything OK. At the end of the day we’re all gonna puree that carrot our own way (thanks Ella’s Kitchen) but we’re all united with laughter.

HLP: Can you tell us a little about your hashtags?

I started #parentingtheshitoutoflife because it’s what we do, right? We’re constantly battling nappies and meltdowns, but you’ve got to find the happy place among the carnage – for your own sanity. The #mumbathing one was simply to make it clear that not being 100% on your kids ALL the time is OK. You spend so much time in sandpits and paddling pools over the summer, why not lie back and relax into some #mumbathing.

One from the Motherpukka video collection

HLP: What’s your occupation? 

I’m a copywriter at Shortlist Media and run a blog ‘for people who happen to be parents’ called Mother Pukka. I’m also a mother – that’s one big life occupation right there.

HLP: Where do you live? 

I live out West in Acton at the moment, but we’ve just bought a house in Leyton – one of my mates referred to it as ‘East EAST’. It’s in London, yay, that’s all that counts. So right now I live all over the place.

HLP: Do you have Little girls or boys?

I have one girl, a toddler called Mae.

HLP: How do you find being a working mum???

Awful. Like, carnage on a daily basis. I tailor my wardrobe to the breakfast food Mae is eating because we often have a pre-daycare food fight. This morning it was Marmite toast so I went for a black shirt. I smelled of yeast extract but my colleagues were none the wiser.

HLP: What was the hardest thing you’ve found about becoming a mum??? 

The big unknown. The constant change. I like to know what’s coming and I like to know there’s a book/ podcast/ hard spirit to fix my problems. Both those things are impossible with kids. There was a point where Mae was 3 months and I was glued to that Dr Seuss’s sleep book. Like, literally Post-it notes and highlighter pens a go-go. But you can’t study for parenthood and you’ve got to accept the mad ride otherwise you’ll go over the edge.

HLP: Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Colour. I don’t like monochrome, I couldn’t live in one of those Scandinavian chic minimalist pads (I gawp at them on Instagram, obviously) but anything rainbow-hued – graffiti walls, My Little Pony, neon signs – I’m happy.

HLP: What’s your favourite all time album? 

Blondie’s Atomic/Atomix

HLP: Who’s your style icon? 

Zoe de Pass from Dress Like a Mum. Style is so much more than clothes and having got to know Zoe recently, she’s just as bright, cool and fun as her wardrobe – a rare find in fashion realms.

HLP: How would you describe your own style? 

Things that aren’t in the wash.

HLP: What’s your fave piece/brand on HLP? 

Pop-up shop’s lion onesie. Make one for adults please.

HLP: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Folk clothing. It’s right next to my office and I always seem to think I ‘deserve’ something from there. Like, it happens a lot. And I have no money now so that makes me feel guilty.

HLP: If you could invite any 3 people to dinner who would it be? 

My mate Dita Guth from Amsterdam’s Salotto Rosso – a cool Italian catering service – for her dirty laugh alone.

Katy Perry to perform Firework

My sister’s girlfriend Helen (or ‘Lellen’ as Mae calls her) – she’s ace.

 Mother Pukka_1

HLP: What’s London s best kept secret? 

BLO Bar in Chiswick is a beauty bar with a fully-supervised crèche. Take a moment to let that sink in.

HLP: Where’s your favourite place in the world? 

BLO Bar in Chiswick.

HLP: When are you happiest???? 

At the weekends when I have my full team together and we’re just watching cBeebies on the sofa with Cheerios.

HLP: What’s your biggest aim/goal in life? 

To parent the shit out of life.

HLP: What has been your proudest moment so far? 

Having The Times call up and tell me they wanted to do a feature on Mother Pukka. It’s the first thing my Mum and Dad could associate all my hard graft with.  Because at the end of the day,  I still want to make my parents proud.


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