A Q&A with Lucy Brice from Ruff and Huddle

Inspired by British and American sportswear and youth culture, unisex brand Ruff and Huddle started life in London in 2012. Ruff and Huddle take inspiration from music, art and street style sub-cultures. They are serious about outerwear that really performs, limited edition prints, supremely soft sweats and tees, clever detailing and play.

Ruff and Huddle will be launching their new collection in January 2016.  This is something that we are super excited about and can’t wait to introduce to Hip Little People!

Where do you live?

We’ve just moved to Bristol from London, I grew up in the West country and had a longing to bring my kids up here.


 What’s your occupation?

Kids fashion designer – in 2012 I launched Ruff and Huddle.


Do you have Little girls or boys?

I have 2 little boys Rufus, 6 and Hudson, 4.


How do you find being a working mum???

Well I’ve found I’m more efficient that I was pre-mum as my time dedicated to work is so precious and squeezed in around school pick ups, swimming lessons and tantrums. Ruff and Huddle came into fruition when my youngest Hudson was 6 months old. Looking back is was coffee and those ‘I’ve just pushed a melon out my lemon / I can do anything’ mum hormones that got me through, I would work between naps and after the kids had gone to bed. I did find being a mum and being at home full time a bit of a vacuum so social media like Instagram (IG @lucyhbrice) allowed me to get a grip on the outside world and what was happening in the world of kids fashion blogs, art, culture as well as not feeling like I was alone on those long days. I found my tribe with the wonderfully inspirational mummas at Mothers Meeting (IG @mothersmeetings)  – who I would meet weekly and share ideas and generally feel motivated and excited about life.


What was the hardest thing you’ve found about becoming a mum? ??

Without a doubt it would have to be the mum guilt, not doing enough, reading enough, performing enough for the little ones – but in hindsight 8 week old babies don’t need to go to every baby class under the sun. I also found the (snore) relentless disturbed sleep really hard – even now I’m woken up by the 2bed invaders.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My kids, seeing their reaction to things and their wonder at the most simplest of things. I think it reminds me to look at the world with fresh eyes.


What’s your favourite all time album?

Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed


Who’s your style icon?

More often than not women that I pass in the street and think that they look good.


How would you describe your own style?

Dragged through a hedge backwards chic, messy hair light make-up (depending of amount of sleep), trains, ‘polishes up well’ when needed.


What’s your fave piece/brand on HLP?

Helen Ward’s PomPom Mobile – so cool!


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Being driven around, meaning I come up with any excuse I can not to drive as I love being a passenger. It gives me a chance to daydream and listen to music while the kids are strapped into their seats in the back, ideally not scrapping


If you could invite any 3 people to dinner who would it be?

Barbara Hulanicki (Biba Founder)

Pj Harvey

And my good friend Niamh Balfour who has all the questions.


What’s Bristols best kept secret?

I don’t know yet – please tell me!!! Oh the Cat Pub (Bag of Nails) where there is a NO KIDS and NO PUB CRAWL policy and loads of cats slinking around the bar.


Where s your favourite place in the world?

On a beach somewhere tropical, picture postcard blue sea, white sand…


When are you happiest????

See above!


What’s your biggest aim/goal in life?

To raise my kids with manners, kindness, empathy, strength and confidence so they can fulfil all their dreams (and hopefully these dreams won’t be being on X Factor).


What has been your proudest moment so far?

Launching Ruff and Huddle at Selfridges.



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