Beau Loves

Beau Loves is a super cool kids designer brand founded in 2010 by Faye Wilde in London. Inspired by her son Beau this brand is very quirky, fun and creative. Beau Loves is known as a unisex brand although there are some gorgeous signature dresses just for little girls too. They also have a great selection of kids designer clothes, accessories and very cool bedding. Beau loves is a true favourite of ours, as they always aim to be unique and stand out from the rest. Check out the gorgeous summer of love S/S17 collection. Featuring love hearts, love net prints and paint brush strokes. This seasons pallet is full of soft colours, chalky blue, elephant grey and a lovely olive green. Of course Beau Loves have their signature inky black pieces too. The inspiration for this Summer of Love collection has come from Beau drawing love hearts everywhere. As always Faye draws her inspiration from the different phases her son goes through, this one is particularly sweet and innocent. The shapes are as always soft, loose and comfy perfect for the summer!! View our Beau Loves range below and contact us if you have any further questions.
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