Wildfire Teepees

Wildfire Teepees was started by the talented Lindsay Aitken after she decided she wanted to create cool and contemporary toys for her children that she didn t mind sharing her home with. The first Wildfire Teepee was made for her sons 1st birthday and received a great reaction from her friends along with requests to make more, with this a Wildfire Teepees was born. The cool monochrome Teepees are just gorgeous and are a real treat to have in any house, kids absolutely love them, playing inside them for hours. They are all made from 100% cotton canvas and all have a tulip wooden poles that have been carefully sourced in a pale colour and smooth surface perfect for children to be around and compliment the monochrome design. Wildfire Teepees have expanded into making play matts, beanbags and toy storage bags that look great along side the Teepees or simply on their own. I believe there will be more exciting products to come too so keep your eyes peeled to this new and super cool brand!

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