Carrie Anne Roberts – Q & A with Founder of Super Cool Inspiring Brand Mère Soeur

Carrie Anne Roberts is the founder of the super cool and inspiring brand Mère Soeur. We discovered Mère Soeur through her Instagram and instantly fell in love with her brand but also her honesty and openness about life as a mum and life as a working mum.

Mere Soeur is a collection of great mama products totally inspired and created by Carrie Anne.  She has always been totally upfront and honest about the struggles and sometimes loneliness that can come with being a parent, and through her personal experience with this she discovered the support and sisterhood of like minded mothers through the Instagram community. This then inspired Carrie Anne to make her first product, 100 tote bags that sold out super quick!

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These products are all created and designed to inspire and empower mums, and what we really love Carrie Anne for is her commitment to her true belief that we can all achieve our personal goals with the support of sisterhood and positivity and one of the most important to make sure we take time out for ourselves.

Baby Gang

Mère Soeur is great! Carrie Anne is not just super stylish and lovely but a true inspiration to us and of course her loyal followers!

The Instagram mum community are definitely responsible for the beginning on Mère Soeur! When I had River I didn’t know any other mums, my family lived across the country and I couldn’t get out and about after my C-Section so I was often just sat at home on my own. I found so much support and comfort from the IG mamas during the first few months of new mama life. That sisterhood and the bonds formed while I was learning how to be a mother are/were invaluable and I wanted to find a way to express that and show pride in it. Mère Soeur was my outlet for that.

Mere Soeur Twinning Tees

What were you doing before?

Before Mère Soeur began I was on maternity leave from Lush. I had the most fun, such an amazing company to work for! Before that, I worked in a garlic bread factory. Twelve hours shifts for two and a half, very smelly, years! I never went to uni and only lasted 3 months in college so huffed and puffed my way through plenty of soul destroying jobs before starting my own business but if I had time I’d definitely go back to Lush part-time, I loved it so much!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere! The latest collection has no doubt been inspired by my trip to LA this summer and there’s a lot more colour (but still mostly pink!) and experimentation with styles and illustration. Two designs in particular are inspired by the Stop Censoring Motherhood movement. Expect lots of sisterhood/body positivity/mama solidarity vibes. 


Where do you live with your family, and can you tell us a little bit about your set up?

I live in London with Riv, Sing, our three dogs and the cat! We have a noisy, smelly, crazy household and we rarely rest but it’s amazing. And cute, very cute. We also have our studio in East London which we rarely spend any time in because River likes to destroy everything in sight! (I’ve had to waste a whole tray of mugs before now because Riv got a bit enthusiastic with a sharpie!!)

How do you find being a working mother?

I love it! When my maternity leave came to an end I was a single mum and had moved back in with my mama so NOT being a working mum wasn’t an option but I knew I would’t be happy if I had to go back to my day job and leave River. I never forget how fortunate I am, even when I’m crying into a cold coffee at midday because I’m shattered and have work piling up and some hardcore mumming to get on with!

What is the hardest thing you’ve found about being a mother?

The hardest thing for me is managing my time and making sure I don’t forget about myself. We all know self care is so important but practicing what we preach is harder than it seems! I often work myself into an exhausted state which leaves me unable to create or be productive. I’m definitely still learning.

How would you describe your own style?

I don’t think I subscribe to a particular look or style. Im one of those shoppers who is always drawn to bold, statement pieces so I end up with no sensible outfits to wear. I don’t know how to shop for basics, I had a spree in Cos once and regretted it instantly.

I guess, I just love jeans, boots, leather and all things pink and furry (faux of course).

What is your guilty pleasure?

I have so many. All the bad foods, drive thru dinners, rubbish telly, late nights at the studio listening to terrible noughties cheese pop. It’s the little things that totally MAKE your day!

When are you happiest?

I’m happiest when I’ve had a fun-filled day with River, successfully completed the bedtime routine before 7:30pm, managed to get a healthy chunk of work done, destroyed a big bag of takeout and slipped into my dressing gown all before 10pm. Nothing gives me more satisfaction.

Whats is next for Mère Soeur?

I have the Winter launch, a christmas party and two more ‘Future Series’ shoots to plan get out into the world. I’ll be taking on my first official employee soon and getting ready for the Spring launch as soon as christmas is all done.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

Business-wise it was definitely when we were shooting in LA. I had a moment in the car on the way to the shoot, we’d just that minute launched the new collection online and we were on our way to shoot some hugely inspirational mamas in an amazing location and all I could think about was when I’d be posing in my porch for product photos and telling my mum off for taking awful snaps.


Huge thanks to Carrie Anne from Hip Little People.

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