A day out with our little people & Halloween shop

Halloween is quickly approaching with lots of fancy dress time fun just around the corner! Halloween makes October one of the best months of the year. So what are we all going to dress up as this time? (I actually think I prefer dressing up way more than my children) This year we’ve decided to bravely host a big Halloween party and change our house into the haunted Addams Family Mansion, I’m secretly hoping my extremely tall, awkward and very grumpy teenager will be Lurch to just complete the theme but I have a feeling he will not be joining us in all the Halloween fun this year as anything we do is just too embarrassing and totally uncool nowadays.

Anyway to start this spooky month off we decided to dress our two little pumpkins in the gorgeous Beau Loves collection with their totally appropriate ghost pieces.  Zak is wearing the Beau Loves allover ghosts top with AOP moons davenport pants and allover ghosts scarf!  And Stevie is is wearing the Beau Loves knit cape with allover moons baby slim pants.  We picked a beautiful day to go the M shed a great museum in Bristol where there is so much to do for everyone. We started off with coffee and cake in the lovely autumn sunshine while we bribed Zak and Stevie to wear the super cool Beau Loves Ghost Knit Cape and Beau Loves knit Ghost scarf, with a chocolate brownie. They looked fab and actually had a great time running around in the sun swapping their little Halloween cat ears and Zak following Stevie around like a little love struck teenager as he always does.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 22.36.42

The M shed is a great museum it focuses on the city of Bristol and the ways that people have shaped and experienced it. It gives you a real insight to Bristol’s history. It is also the perfect place to hang out with children where they are amused and we can have a good old girly chat too. The only catch is you have to get passed the toy shop with the Peppa Pig toys first without having a full on tantrum and tears before you have even walked into the first gallery ?. We just about managed it and actually had a reasonably semi relaxed morning wondering around and watching them move everything they shouldn’t and of course race around the place like little lunatics, luckily it was quiet in there that day!


Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 21.42.09



DSC00967We finished off our little trip out with two Mr Whippy’s one was quickly demolished up by Stevie, well most of it and some all over her little face and the other was predictably dropped on the floor causing the hugest melt down, then followed by a two completely crashed out very sleepy and sticky Halloween babies!


All the clothes worn by our 2 little pumpkins can be found in our Halloween shop where you can find spooky clothes, and decor for your little people.

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