Hip Little People Christmas Gift Guide 2016

It’s our favourite time of year again and we would like to share with you what we will be buying our little people from our shop. We always like to buy our gifts in December as it always feels more festive and we must admit we are a bit last minute when it comes to shopping!

We have sold out of so many products but these are all still available to buy in our Christmas shop.

We hope you like our little selection.  Have a great Christmas!

Stevie’s Edit

girls (1)

From left to right

Oeuf Heart Pillow

Kids Concept Coffee Machine 

Main Sauvage Black Laterite

Kids Concept Star White Wooden Dolls Pram

Play & Go Diamond Pink Storage Bag

Bang Bang Copenhagen Drama Queen Dress

K G Design Robot Pink

Nobodinoz Bowling Set

Lemon Drop Books Thea Lemon and her super sporty Fairy Godmother


Zaks Edit

boys (1)

From left to right

Mini Rodini Christmas Jumper

Candylab Toys Police Cruiser

The Bright Company Christmas Pyjamas

Nobodinoz Teepee

FCTRY Gnome Crayons

K G Design Robot Aqua

A Little Lovely Company Bat cushion

Play & Go Road Map Storage Bag

Kukkia Toys Hamburger Set Instruments

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