Kids Bedroom Decor

Kids Decor inspiration time! If your like me and find it hard to find something a little bit different but also something with imagination and full of fun check out some of our new collections. Some perfect little gems for any lucky little girl or boy! I could even be tempted to have a couple of these in my own room they’re just so lovely.

Not only do Tobias & The Bear have fabulous T shirt and legging’s they also have some seriously cool kids bedding.  We were lucky enough to receive this gorgeous collection last month and have quickly bagged a couple of styles for our little people. They are made from 100% jersey cotton and are lovely and soft perfect to snuggle up to and they have some amazingly cool characters that feature in this collection. My personal favourite is Super Batty the super hero Bat.. he is just great and reminds me of my little Zaky, I love the monochrome bat print and the little pillow case which comes in black on one side white on the other, he is such a super cool little dude. Lucy and Stevie’s favourite is the Storm boy duvet set.. a striking black and white storm cloud which would look seriously cool in any Monochrome lover’s bedroom!

All the Tobias and The bear bedding is monochrome which is something we absolutely love here at Hip Little People but it also has a story behind each character so it adds fun and imagination to any child’s bedtime. The designs on this collection are so clever as they have managed to combine a cool minimal look with creativity and fresh and fun ideas. They also have some great little cushions to add to a kids bedroom which we think looks great mixed and matched, and we love Super Batty with the Crazy Monster Squad!

Last week the fab Coral Atkinson who’s style we love was kind enough to send us some photos of her little boy’s bedroom which is kitted out with the great Storm Boy duvet set. It looks just gorgeous and is perfect for her little boy because he suffers from eczema the soft cotton jersey is so gentle on his skin.  She cleverly manages to show how versatile these styles are mixing them up with various different cool prints and toys . Coral Atkinson is the founder of Velveteen Babies so if your looking for some cute and original garlands for pretty much any occasion I strongly suggest checking her out!

Photos by Coral Atkinson

Tobias and The Bear duvet sets come in both duvet sets and cot beds.

Another new member to the Hip Little People family are the super Wonder & Rah prints. We’ve been eyeing these little lovelies up for a while now and luckily for us we now stock them.

Wonder & Rah is a cool new and exciting brand specialising in fun and contemporary prints, started  in 2016. The brains and creativity behind this wonderful brand is a clever lady called Natalie Cardew, a mum of two from London. She believes strongly that using art,  vibrant colours and images will most certainly help to stimulate children’s minds and surroundings.

We have a carefully selected variety of prints that we will most certainly lift any children’s nursery or bedroom. I have had my eye on the fabulous Pink Leopard print for a while now for my bedroom and the super cute Mister Robot little Zak’s room. Perfect little bit of fun and stylish wall art for adults and kids! We love love love them!

Now the summer has finally started to show its face we are all getting our sandals and sunglasses out (hopefully for longer than just a few days 🙂 Also perfect for those long summer days and bbq’s in the gardens we have the amazing Wildfire Teepees arriving! This brand totally rocks.. The amazing Teepee’s look so so good both indoors or outdoors. I have just finished decorating Zak’s bedroom and finally put up his teepee and he will play for ages inside it, it is just perfect when you want a little bit of peace and quiet! We also used it outside for his birthday party and again was both lovely to look at but also a total hit with all the little ones!

This time we have super stylish monochrome play matts and storage bags to add to the Wildfire collection! I think Im going to have to snap one up for myself before they all sell out

Watch this space for new exciting brands coming real soon!

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