Our Story

Woo hoo, we’ve finally launched, We thought you might want to know a little bit about us. We are two Bristol mamas who have been great friends for years now and talked about doing this exciting venture for a long time. We worked together as buyers for 10 years then Lucy went on to be a stylist for another 5 years and feel now is the right time to put our experience and love for fashion into our own on line boutique.

We love shopping and really like finding something different for both us and our children, but found it hard to find anything a little bit different for the babies until we started to look more on line and this is what inspired us to start up our own children’s boutique. Lucy has a gorgeous baby girl called Stevie Belle and Kelly has a gorgeous baby boy called Zak and  a teenage boy Felix, the two babies are definitely where most of our inspiration came from and even though its been tough working with two 1 year olds running around the place causing chaos they seem to have become best buddies which will make our life easier in the future.

We both still love a few glasses of rose and disco dancing through the night to Fleetwood Mac when we get a night off! We absolutely love our holidays and our personal favourate is definately the magical island of Ibiza where I believe we have found a lot of our inspiration and passion. Festivals have always been a bit of a must in our diary Glastonbury being one of our all time favourites where  we will admit to a bit of Kate Moss spotting when we can.

Its been an incredible journey over the last 6 months we have learn’t a lot about ourselves and our children and although its been tough at times we’ve come out the other end with a business that we are very proud of.  We still have lots of new and exciting brands which we will be launching next season that we hope you will love as much as we do!  Keep an eye out for our blog posts we have some really cool, inspirational ladies which we will be featuring soon.  Please let us know what you think we would love to hear your comments!