We are all about unisex clothing here at Hip Little People, so needless to say we absolutely love this great unisex brand Popupshop! It was founded in 2007 in Denmark by Marie Louise Mogensen and it is brilliant. The idea behind the brand is to create lovely neutral gender basics which are both practical and high fashion.  Their ethos is to ‘build a company that utilises innovative sustainable fabrics, and seek to become an affordable, natural and logic choice for modern basics’.

We’ve been waiting for Popupshop to arrive as it brings something very different to the kids clothes we see every day. The days of boring pink for girls and blue for boys are long gone and in their place we have some amazing unisex clothes like Popupshop that just stand out from the rest. As a mum of two boys i’ve always found it really hard to find different and unusual clothes for the two of them everything was either covered in footballs or cars, which, don’t get me wrong are alright in small doses but seem to stereotype a typical boy, equally with Lucy having a little girl she was always trying hard to find less “girly” pink clothes and more unisex colours and styles so, now we are lucky enough to have a much wider choice of clothes that can let children express their own character as individuals. Popupshop shop is both fun and adventurous, their prints are amazing and what we love about this collection is the fact you can mix and match everything there,  I mean who doesn’t want to be half gorilla half cat for a day?

The lion romper suit is really one of our favourite pieces from the collection.  Shame my little boy is more a crazy tiger otherwise I would’ve snapped this one up straight away but I think with Popupshop they have got a little character or style for every little person out there. I know we have already picked out plenty of pieces for our two little ones.

We really hope you enjoy this brand as much as we do it, it’s absolutely gorgeous, fun and exciting. It really lets kids express themselves for who they are and also has a bit of make believe thrown into it too. Girl or boy this is a great collection perfect for dancing, baby yoga, apres-ski, soft play or just for staying warm and comfy at home!  Go take a sneaky look at our collection we won’t tell anyone..

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