Play & Go – Mr Moustache Toy Storage Bag


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Play &Go Toy Storage bags are just brilliant! They have turned tidying up toys into a much simpler and more stylish chore. Gone are the days of stuffing toys into cupboards or under beds and endless searching for Lego pieces! With these they are both practical and simple but also fun. They cleverly double as play mats so after playing on them you can simply pack all your bits onto them and pull both draw strings and the play matt turns into a very easy to carry storage bag, we love them!

They can also double up as a beach bag or just a bag to take your bits to the park with. Children might become so attached to them they might like to use them for sleep overs to.

Play& Go bags are made from premium full cotton made under world-class environmental stewardship standards. So they are not just great to look at but also lovely to hold.


100% Cotton

140cm Diameter