A Q & A With Jenny Scott founder of Mothers Meetings

We are delighted to have a Q & A with Jenny Scott the author of the brilliant book “How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool” and the founder of the fabulous “Mothers Meetings” which is where we were lucky enough to meet her.

Jenny Scott is a super cool and relaxed mama. The book was the first time I was introduced to Jenny’s work. “How to be a Hip Mama Without Loosing your cool” is a brilliant read. It has been described as a parental survival guide for a new breed of mothers and that is exactly what it is. With a huge following from the book this helped Mothers Meetings network go from big to huge.

Mothers Meetings are the new way to connect and network with other like minded cool and creative mums. Jenny holds events throughout the year in all the hip places in London, Shorditch House being one of the favourite, always hosting inspiring working mothers. Her events are popular with both old and new members as some women depend on the events and workshops all through the year.

Jenny is a hugely inspiring mother who has created a great movement for women to be able to work and parent and have space to be creative and not to loose themselves in the everyday grind of motherhood. If you have not been to one we highly recommend going they are fab! In Jenny s own words ” Just quit the guilt and join the gang at Mothers Meetings”.


What Made you Start Mothers Meetings?

When I realised and admitted I was lonely as a new mum and I could not do it alone. I realised I need a network/ community to help me through the tough first couple of years as a new mum – there was nothing out there that spoke to me. So I created something that did.


What Were You Doing Before?

I had a design/event agency working with youth/fashion brands such as Nike/ G shock – before that I worked as a graphic designer/art director / advertising agencies.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everyday experiences,  I’m constantly observing my surroundings and people within in. I tune into people and put myself in their surroundings and into their situations and ask myself what they want. As a designer I’m constantly looking at typefaces and compositions – whether it’s on a old fruit box from my supermarket or a piece of art – I find inspiration in the everyday. Buddhism plays a huge part of my thought process.


Where do you live with your family and can you tell us a little bit about your set up?

I live with my 2 children and my boyfriend Joe, he’s a chef/consultant so we both have really varied work routine/structure. Everyday is different. Which I love! My children go to their Nan’s whilst I’m working and see their dad every fortnight. Having family close is a life saver!

How do you find being a working mum?

Im actually really lucky to have family support, I don ‘t know what I’d do without it.  Being a mum is hard enough let alone having to also work. I’ ve created Mothers Meeting myself – so I’m lucky enough to have had the option to create a job around my life rather than the other way around.


How would you describe your style?

A massive contradiction – I love simple/classic/minimal but at the same time I love bold/statement/OTT this kind of sums up my life!


Who’s your style icon?

My mum, Pat Butcher, Lykke Li – is a boho/chav/minimalist

What is your guilty pleasure?



When are you happiest?

When I’m connecting mums or in bed or on the sofa cuddling kids and boyfriend or watching my kids run around laughing and playing without technology insight.


What’s next for Mothers Meeting?

Bigger MM’s where we can invite everyone!!


What has been your proudest moment so far?

Every Mother’s Meeting makes me proud, we always have new mums coming along so it makes me sooooo proud to see women light up with excitement knowing they have found their tribe.


And Finally……..What is your favourite piece from Hip Little People?

Ooooohhhh need to have a look – just on the train with no signal x


Thank you sooo much for your time.




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