Tiba + Marl changing bags

The bags have arrived! The long wait is over, this morning the Tiba and Marl bags arrived at our door and they are every bit as gorgeous as we imagined that they’d be. The days of the dowdy plain nappy bags have gone. Very different from when I had my first baby, where I think I had a pretty plain and very uncool bag that hung from the back of my pushchair. It often ended up wet from a various leaking bottles…ah those were the days.️ Now though,  it’s a whole different ball game with these both practical and stylish brand new changing bags!

Last weekend we went to the Tiba and Marl launch and met the lovely faces behind this great brand, Lydia and Anna. It was a fun afternoon with music and plenty of Prosseco and very pretty nibbles. We have been so excited about working with them and now the fruits of their labour have arrived.
Tiba + Marl Staff
The lovely ladies behind Tiba & Marl; Anna Tizard and Lydia Barron.
We really love the way they can be disguised as handbags or ruck sacks so they go with every outfit and to every occasion. Instead of lugging around two big bags, one for baby and one for all your goodies, we can now all share one bag which is genius in my eyes as we all know the amount of stuff you need when packing for even just an afternoon out to the park! I know in my case this bag is perfect for travelling, as from personal experience of trying to pack everything into hand luggage then squeezing it into the tiny Ryan Air (bag check) with one very grumpy and embarrassed teenager and one loud toddler. Tiba and Marl will be my saviour as the airlines are totally cool with changing bags whatever the size; saving me the embarrassment of trying to get everything into one travel bag as these bags double up as handbags and changing bags!
 Tiba + Marl Changing Bag
We’ve invested in 4 styles, the Raff Holdall beautifully made and very classic and versatile. If your a keen gym member this one could even double up as a cool gym bag, (just maybe remember to take the nappies out beforehand). They are really light and I personally really like the quilted design on this one and the faux leather details.
We have also got the Raff Holdall, in Tiba and Marl’s signature cool leopard print. What’s really lovely about the Raff Holdall is all the compartments inside, they really have thought of everything including a smart phone pocket elastic acted bottle/cup holder, internal zip pocket, a clip for keys, dummies or toys and 5 additional pockets for any extra bits and bobs which we always have many! Oh and how could I forget the insulated bottle holder which according to Lydia one of the lovely Tiba and Marl ladies is great for the dads to keep their beers cold on the way home or to the park too so doubles up for all the men out there too!
The other style we have is The Elwood Backpack in black and and ultra cool floral design. (Black version now sold out but re-stocking soon) This is a great unisex changing bag for mum or dad. The fact that its rucksack is great as you have your hands free to do all the other things we mums and dads need to be doing while pushing our buggys. This smart rucksack again has plenty of space inside and can also double up as a gym bag or carry on bag. This bag has the added feature of a laptop pocket perfect for all us working mums (and dads of course!).
This brand is super cool and has changed things forever with changing bags. We are big fans and will be wearing them all through the winter! They are the brand that in their own words made “changing bags cool”.
All the bags are listed and described in more details in our online shop with their individual prices.

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