Bang Bang Copenhagen

Bang Bang Copenhagen is such a fun brand. In their own words they imagine the "world to be like a circus" which reflects in there amazingly creative and different designs. This brand stands out and is a real statement collection.  It was launched by two Danish designers Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager who merged their contemporary design talents with their love of children's fashion. They have created a beautiful collection of unique yet comfortable clothes for children and modern parents to enjoy.
We really do love the imagination that goes into the clothes.  The  S/S18 collection does not disappoint with the amazing prints, designs and gorgeous signature quirky dresses.  Bang Bang Copenhagen like to call themselves gender benders as they do not conform to pink for girls and blue for boys! We love this about them!
£58.00 £24.00
£45.00 £18.00
£45.00 £16.50
£48.00 £16.50
£57.00 £15.00
£45.00 £12.50