Jax & hedley

Jax and Haedly is a super cool unisex brand founded by Louise Sheldon. She has a great story behind her brand about what inspired her to create Jax and Headly. In the 1930s there was an English gentlemen named Jack who went on search for an adventure and there was also a Jamaican gentleman named Headly who moved to England in search for a new life for his family. Although these were two very different gentlemen they both had the same morals for their family and at the same time the same zest for life and to break away from the norm and peruse an adventure! These are two values are what inspired Louise with her gorgeous brand Jax and Headly. Drawing inspiration from these two gentlemen Louise decided to start on a adventure of her own and start making a new cool and versatile collection of kids clothes herself as she had failed to find any design led clothes for her little ones she wanted to break away from the norm. Jax and Headly have combined modern shapes amazing prints and the highest and softest of fabrics and created some amazing pieces. The Onesies are definitely my personal favourite.
£24.00 £9.50
£22.00 £9.50